Why SwiftLink?

Our innovative features, including the exciting 'Meet My Team,' transforms SwiftLink into not just a tool for you, but a platform to showcase your entire team. Together, we'll take networking to new heights, empowering you and your colleagues to leave a lasting impression.

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Fast & Simple Setup

All SwiftLink devices can be setup within minutes.

Attention To Detail

Our products are meticulously crafted to meet the most exacting standards of quality.

Update Anytime, Anywhere

Instant profile updates allows you to tailor your profile for specific events or occasions.

One Time Cost

SwiftLink provides all these features as part of its initial purchase, without any additional ongoing fees!

What is NFC technology and how does it help?

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is a wireless communication technology that enables the exchange of data between devices when they are brought into close proximity. In our everyday lives, NFC is already integrated into numerous applications. For instance, contactless payment systems allow us to make swift transactions by simply tapping our smartphones or cards on compatible payment terminals. Additionally, NFC is utilised in access control systems, granting us seamless entry to buildings or events by tapping our access cards or mobile devices.

SwiftLink has leveraged the power of NFC technology to revolutionise networking. By tapping a SwiftLink device against a compatible smartphone, users can effortlessly share personalised digital experiences, enabling them to connect, share, and expand their professional networks with ease. SwiftLink has taken the convenience and versatility of NFC to a new level, empowering users to network efficiently in the modern digital age.

Network Like A Boss

SwiftLink empowers you to establish instant connections with others. With a simple tap or QR code scan, your personalised profile will captivate your connections with comprehensive information, links, and featured pages. SwiftLink devices are compatible with both Apple and Android platforms, ensuring cross-platform accessibility. Update your information in real-time, keeping your network up to date and engaged. Elevate your networking experience to unparalleled levels of convenience with SwiftLink.


NFC Enabled


100% Uptime

Connect with Me

SwiftLink is a feature-rich networking tool that brings a world of possibilities to your fingertips. Our diverse range of themes enables you to showcase the full spectrum of yourself and your company, including bios, roles, and contact information. With SwiftLink, you can engage and expand your network by offering a single source for all your professional information, simplifying connections and fostering growth.

Saving details has never been easier

Experience the Ease of 'Save Contact': Say goodbye to manual data entry! This remarkable feature allows for effortless transfer of essential information such as name, contact number, and email to your recipient's phone. No more typing out each detail; SwiftLink streamlines the process, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

'Connect with Me': Transform potential clients into connections that count! This powerful feature enables individuals who have tapped your card to effortlessly send you their contact information, complete with a notes section for specific requests. All this valuable data is readily accessible on the SwiftLink dashboard, allowing you to nurture and build connections effectively.

Meet my team

'Meet My Team': Team up for Networking Success! When you and your colleagues embrace SwiftLink devices, this exceptional feature empowers you to showcase your team members' profiles alongside your own. Amplify your connections across the entire team, expanding opportunities for collaboration and collective growth.

No app required

SwiftLink operates directly through your internet browser, eliminating the need for lengthy app downloads and sign-in processes. With SwiftLink, all you require is a basic internet connection, and you're ready to tap away. It's as simple as that! Say goodbye to intrusive ads, complicated procedures, and unnecessary hassle. SwiftLink keeps networking straightforward and efficient.

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What our customers say about SwiftLink

"SwiftLink's business cards transformed my recruitment agency's outreach! With a sleek design, my card now stands out. The NFC technology simplifies connecting with potential candidates at events - just a tap and they have all my info. Plus, the option to personalize each card for different roles is a game-changer. More meaningful connections, fewer paper cards lost, and an eco-friendly choice. Highly recommend!"

Aaron B. Stewart - From Canada

"Being a student, SwiftLink's business card proved invaluable. I loaded my CV and portfolio onto it, impressing professors and peers alike. At university events, I effortlessly shared my work by simply tapping my card. It's not just a card; it's my digital identity. No more fumbling with papers, and the tech-savvy impression is unmatched. Thanks to SwiftLink, I'm acing networking and showcasing my potential."

David S. Mar - From USA

"Working at an art gallery, SwiftLink's card is a game-changer. With a tap, I offer visitors instant info about artworks, artists, and even upcoming events. The sleek card's a conversation starter, connecting me with fellow art enthusiasts effortlessly. It's like having a mini gallery in my pocket, enhancing my role and deepening the art experience for everyone. SwiftLink truly bridges the gap between art and tech!"

Toby Gough - From UK


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