We understand that this may seem like a lot of information, but it's crucial to ensure that you read and comprehend these terms before agreeing to them.



1.1 In these Terms:

Contract: refers to any agreement for the sale of goods and/or the provision of services between us and you, incorporating these Terms.

Terms: denotes the standard terms and conditions of sale outlined below, encompassing the Returns Policy and any specific terms confirmed in written form by us.

Goods: signifies the products and/or services that we will provide as per these Terms, under an accepted order.

Returns Policy: designates the standard terms and conditions applicable to Goods returned by you, which are hereby integrated into these Terms.

We: refers to SwiftLink, and "us" and "our" are construed accordingly.

You: signifies the individual placing an order for Goods and entering into the Contract with us, with "your" interpreted correspondingly.

1.2 The headings within these Terms are for convenience only and shall not affect their interpretation.

1.3 When rights and decisions are to be exercised or made at our discretion, we are not obligated to justify or provide reasons for such decisions.

1.4 If our prior written consent is required, we will not unduly withhold or delay granting that consent.

1.5 Any rights reserved by us under these Terms do not affect other rights we may possess at any given time.



2.1 These Terms (as periodically updated by us) constitute the entire agreement. No variation of these Terms shall be binding unless mutually agreed upon in writing. The policies and terms in place at the time of your order, unless legally mandated otherwise, shall apply to all purchases made from us.

2.2 Our staff and agents lack the authority to make representations about Goods unless confirmed in writing by us. By entering into a Contract, you acknowledge that you haven't relied on unconfirmed representations.

2.3 If Goods are delivered in instalments, each instalment constitutes a separate Contract. Non-delivery of an instalment doesn't authorise cancellation of other instalments.

2.4 Specifications, drawings, and details of weights, dimensions, and performance issued by us are approximations.

2.5 We retain the right to withdraw offers or special promotions without notice. If an order has been placed and accepted under the existing Conditions, we will provide a full refund for any received payments.



3.1 Your order is an offer to purchase Goods, accepted upon our issuance of written confirmation. Acceptance is conditional upon Goods being for personal use, not resale. By ordering, you affirm that you are at least 16 years old. Orders are subject to availability and on a first-come, first-served basis. We may decline orders.

3.2 If we believe you intend to resell Goods, we may refuse your order. If accepted, certain provisions change:

Cancellation rights under clause 10 (Your Right to Cancel) are inapplicable.

Terms of our Returns Policy are withdrawn.

Returned Goods are only accepted within seven days if defective upon receipt.

A reasonable handling fee may be charged, excluding packaging and delivery costs.

Other amendments to these Terms may apply and acceptance of the order depends on these terms.

3.3 You are responsible for submitting accurate order terms and necessary Goods information in a timely manner. Inaccurate information or network failures for mobile orders are your responsibility.

3.4 For Goods manufactured to your specification, (1) clause 10 (Your Right to Cancel) doesn't apply; (2) you indemnify us against claims resulting from your specification's use; (3) We may alter Goods specifications as needed to comply with regulations.



4.1 Goods' price is confirmed upon order placement.

4.2 While we strive for accurate prices on our website, errors can occur. If a price error is detected after an order is placed, we will inform you and offer reconfirmation or cancellation. If you've paid and the order is canceled, you'll receive a full refund.

4.3 If Goods can't be supplied at the stated price, we'll notify you of changes and offer substitutes. You're not obligated to accept substitutes and can receive a full refund.



5.1 Refer to our Payment Options for payment terms.

5.2 Failure to make timely payments may result in Contract cancellation or suspension of deliveries. Outstanding amounts may accrue reasonable interest at 10%.

5.3 Dishonored payments may incur fees charged by your bank or credit card provider, which you are liable to reimburse.

5.4 Credit card holders are subject to validation checks. In preventing fraudulent card use, we validate information provided during the order process. Consent is given by placing an order. Information may be disclosed to a registered Credit Reference Agency in accordance with Data Protection Acts.



6.1 You're responsible for accepting Goods on delivery.

6.2 We aim to provide an approximate collection or delivery date. If there's a delay, we'll notify you promptly. Delivery time is not essential unless previously agreed in writing. Goods may be delivered earlier with notice.

6.3 Failure to deliver Goods (or installments) due to reasons not beyond our control or your fault, makes us liable for the cost difference for replacing undelivered Goods.

6.4 Initial Goods delivery is made to the cardholder's registered address. Subsequent deliveries may be to alternative addresses at our discretion. Failure to deliver within 90 days or after 3 attempts (if your fault) may lead to a refund and Contract cancellation.

6.5 Failing to take delivery or provide adequate instructions may result in storage costs. Customs duties and requirements outside the EU are your responsibility. Delays from customs inspection are not our liability. You agree to reimburse us for liability due to non-compliance with customs.



7.1 Risk of damage or loss of Goods passes to you upon delivery or when collected by you.

7.2 Ownership of Goods remains ours until full payment is received.

7.3 Until Goods are paid for, we may require you to return them and seek legal action for repossession.



8.1 Except for consumer transactions, all warranties implied by law are excluded to the fullest extent allowed by applicable law. Consumer Goods are warranted to be of satisfactory quality.

8.2 Consumer transactions under the Consumer Protection Act are unaffected. Our warranty does not cover wear and tear, damage, negligence, improper use, or unauthorized alterations.

8.4 In case of non-conforming Goods, notify us promptly. We'll arrange collection or request return at our cost. We may refund, replace, or repair.

8.5 Both parties are not liable for indirect or unforeseeable losses under these Conditions.

8.6 Neither party is responsible for losses classified as loss of income, revenue, profit, business, savings, data, or time. Exceptions apply for foreseeable physical property loss or damage.

8.7 Nothing excludes liability for death, injury, fraud, or legal restrictions.



9.1 Delay or failure in performing obligations due to reasons beyond reasonable control does not breach the Contract.

9.2 These Terms don't confer benefits to third parties.

9.3 Notices must be in writing or email.

9.4 No action for one breach prevents action for subsequent breaches.

9.5 If any Condition is invalid, the remainder's validity is unaffected.

9.6 These Terms are governed by British law, subject to the jurisdiction of British courts.

9.7 Telephone calls may be monitored for quality.

9.8 Images and descriptions on our website are copyrighted and can't be reproduced without consent.

9.9 All interactions under these Terms are conducted in English.

9.10 Transfer of rights or obligations requires our consent.



10.1 You may cancel an order within 14 days without reason, on a stock product. Excludes Goods made to your specification or personalised.

10.2 To cancel please Inform us via email to sales@swift-link.com.

10.3 Timely communication suffices for cancellation.



11.1 If canceled, payments including delivery costs are reimbursed. Deductions apply for diminished Goods value due to handling beyond nature, characteristics, functioning.

11.2 Reimbursement is prompt, within 140 days of receiving Goods.

11.3 Reimbursement uses original payment method, without fees. Goods return cost is your responsibility.



17.1 Notify us of parcel errors within 48 hours. We'll investigate upon confirmation.

17.2 Notify non-receipt within 14 days of order placement.