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Boost Google reviews | ⁠Boost social media engagement & following | Boost website traffic with custom featured links | ⁠Update anytime, any place | Quick & simple setup | No app required | Instantly share...
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Boost Google reviews | ⁠Boost social media engagement & following | Boost website traffic with custom featured links | ⁠Update anytime, any place | Quick & simple setup | No app required | Instantly share via a tap of the card, a scan of the QR code, or a click of the URL link | ⁠Downloadable QR code from the SwiftLink dashboard | SwiftLink branding in silver foil | Your data is stored safely & not passed on

  • How To Save Contacts:

This feature allows recipients so save essential contact information direct to there phone via a tap or scan. This includes email, contact numbers, work address and other essential information.

  • How Recipients Connect With You:

This feature allows recipients to connect with you direct. By clicking the "Connect Now" tab on the profile, recipients can complete an online enquiry form which when submitted will be emailed to you direct. It will also appear in your SwiftLink dashboard under “Manage My connections” boosting leads & sales.

  • What Are Platform Links?

These are clear call to action links used to boost online engagement and brand awareness. SwiftLink is pre-loaded with a tonne of apps, including but not limited to: WhatsApp, Mail, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, SnapChat, TikTok, Calendy, Threads, X (Twitter), Pinterest, Telegram, WeChat, What3Words, Vimeo, Twitch, Trip Advisor, Trust Pilot, Google Reviews, PayPal, Stripe, Podcast, Spotify, Sound Cloud, PDF upload, Shopify, Etsy Store, Indeed, Apple Store, Google Play Store and more! 

  • What Are Featured Links?

Customising your SwiftLink profile has no limits. With our custom featured links option, you are able to create custom links direct to a specific product or service on your website. An example of this would be an online menu card, a particular type of dental service provided by a clinic or a direct link to a product on an e-commerce store. You are able to customise the thumbnail image, title and intro text anytime. Giving you full control of your SwiftLink device.

  • How To Custom Brand Your Profile:

This feature allows you to upload your company logo direct to your profile.

  • Select A Theme That Suits You:

At SwiftLink, we recognise the unique identity of every brand. That's why we offer a diverse selection of premium themes tailored to suit various industries. Whether you're a social media influencer or a corporate giant, our themes are meticulously crafted to meet your needs. Designed for seamless usability and intuitive navigation, each theme ensures a refined experience for both sender and recipient.

  • Connect Your Colleagues With Our "Meet My Team" Feature:

This feature empowers you to integrate your team members into your profile seamlessly. As long as each member possesses a SwiftLink device, you can extend a 'team request,' enabling your colleagues' profiles to be displayed alongside yours. This functionality proves invaluable during networking events, where you may encounter a potential client seeking a contact in sales. With a simple tap of your card, you can direct them to your sales colleague's profile, even in their absence. SwiftLink fosters networking not just for individuals, but for entire teams.

  • Expand Your Reach by Downloading Your Unique QR Code:

You can easily download your unique device QR code by accessing your SwiftLink dashboard. This feature proves invaluable for expanding your reach. Users can strategically place this QR code on various platforms, including email signatures, printed media like leaflets, magazines, and brochures, trade show stands, shop fronts, vehicles with company livery, social media profiles, and more. Plus, any updates made to your digital profile will seamlessly reflect on the QR code, eliminating the need for reprinting.

  • What is a ShortLink URL?

This allows users to download a short-link (Which is a shortened URL) of their digital SwiftLink profile. This can place into email signatures, social media bios and more. Directing traffic to your SwiftLink profile thus key platforms.

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How do I Edit my

Upon receipt of your order, when you
first scan or tap the card, you will follow instructions to set up a new user account. This will then connect to our web-based software where you can fully edit and adjust the cards information to your exact liking. Ensuring it meets
your vision for when the card is introduced to your new connections. This is then constantly editable and updatable in the future. Ensuring your business can adapt as fast as you. 

I would like to order a different
design to that available through the website, is this possible? 

This is indeed possible, however there are MOQ requirements. Please contact us at sales@swift-link.com prior to your order to find out more and we will request the artwork from yourself. Should we need to assist with the design and artwork an additional charge will be required.

Will my device be compatible? 

Many modern phones are compatible
either using NFC or QR Code technology. However please refer to our more comprehensive guide on Compatible Phones. *Please also note when connecting with individuals, most IOS devices already have their NFC capability enabled,
whereas this will need to be turned on, on many androids if not already done so. 

Do I need to be in to take receipt of
my delivery? 

Our products are most often sent with the Royal Mail postage provider as either 1st class, or 1st class tracked. This ensures you don’t need to be in the property upon delivery. However, for larger purchases we may require a signature upon delivery.