Bring Your Trade Show Stand Design to Life with Dynamic QR Codes
Bring Your Trade Show Stand Design to Life with Dynamic QR Codes

Are you gearing up for a trade show this year? Discover how you can transform your trade show experience with SwiftLink’s dynamic QR codes. Move beyond simple website links and unlock a world of engagement, sales leads, and brand awareness. In this blog, we'll show you how our innovative QR code technology can bring your stand to life, keeping attendees engaged and driving real results for your business. 


Planning to exhibit at a trade show this year? We've got some game-changing tips for you. While QR codes are a common sight at trade stands, they typically only link to the company’s website. Sure, this might boost your website traffic a bit, but the real goal of exhibiting is to generate valuable sales leads, increase brand awareness across all platforms, and make new connections. That’s where SwiftLink QR codes stand out from the ordinary downloadable QR codes you find online.


Transform Your Trade Show Experience

With SwiftLink, we create a AQ code with a custom profile for your business that links to a dynamic landing page showcasing your business contact information, social media platforms, key products and services, image galleries, videos, team members, direct inquiry forms, and more. This encourages visitors to engage more deeply with your business, not just your website. They can for example tag themselves at your stand on LinkedIn, view detailed product descriptions and pricing, and even place direct orders from the profile. It’s like bringing your trade show stand to life!


Say Goodbye to Paper Clutter

Handing out paper business cards is the norm at trade shows, but with visitors collecting hundreds of cards, yours might just get lost in the pile. SwiftLink offers an all-in-one solution. Our digital business cards link directly to your business profile on the stand. So, when they scan the QR code on your stand, they have instant access to your team’s information.


Keep Visitors Engaged Even When Short-Staffed

Another common challenge at busy events is being short-staffed. When your team is tied up with a group of attendees, other visitors might be left waiting and could potentially move on to the next stand. With SwiftLink QR codes, while they wait, visitors can scan the code at your stand, explore your company offerings, and identify who they want to speak with in your team, whether it be sales, marketing, or other departments. This keeps them engaged with your stand and ensures they stay interested in your business.


Gain Valuable Insights

One of the standout features of the SwiftLink profile is the ability to receive valuable analytics post-show. Analyse how many scans you had, which platforms saw the most interaction, and which team members gained the most leads. This data is invaluable. For example, if LinkedIn is your most-clicked platform, you’ll know to double down on marketing there for future events. If one product out of ten garners the most interaction, you’ll know to either promote that product more or adjust your strategy for the others. Our profiles are tailored to each client, and our team can help you achieve your goals and ambitions pre-event to get the results you desire.


Maximise Your ROI

We aim to help exhibitors maximise their time and investment in events. We understand that attending these shows can be costly, so ensuring a good ROI is crucial. With SwiftLink profiles, we make this possible.


Get in Touch

Think this could be the tool for you? Get in touch with our team. We can walk you through the various benefits and show you how SwiftLink can help you shine at your next trade show.

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