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Revolutionise Your Vehicle Branding with SwiftLink: E Dugdale Sons & Grandsons Limited's Success Story

The VW ID Buzz has taken the commercial vehicle market by storm since its launch in 2022. With its distinctive retro design, it effortlessly blends a classic look with modern capabilities, making it a favourite among businesses. One company, E Dugdale Sons & Grandsons Limited, has leveraged the ID Buzz's popularity and cutting-edge SwiftLink QR codes to enhance their brand visibility and business inquiries. 

E Dugdale Sons & Grandsons Limited, established in 1939, specialises in a wide range of services including gas works, electrical, plumbing, security access control, home improvements, renewable energy, and smart technology. With their fleet of vans traveling across major UK cities like London, Manchester, and Leeds, the owner recognised an opportunity to maximise the impact of their vehicle branding.

By integrating SwiftLink Digital Profiles into their vehicle graphics, E Dugdale Sons & Grandsons Limited transformed how people interact with their business. The owner was impressed by the ease of creating a demo account and decided to incorporate SwiftLink QR codes on all their vans. 

The benefits are clear:

  • Instant Access to Contact Information: Potential clients can quickly scan the QR code to get in touch.
  • Google Review Link: Encourages satisfied customers to leave positive reviews, boosting their online reputation.
  • Direct Website Links: Seamlessly guides viewers to their website for more information.
  • Service-Specific Links: Direct access to detailed information about the specific services they offer.
  • Real-Time Updates: The most impressive feature is the ability to update information anytime. No need for costly rebranding every time there's a change. Simply log into the digital account, update the details, and the profile is instantly refreshed.


For businesses with a fleet of vehicles, incorporating SwiftLink Digital Accounts with vinyl QR codes can significantly enhance brand visibility. Your vehicles become mobile billboards, driving countless miles and reaching a wide audience. Make the most of this branding space and increase company engagement with dynamic QR codes.

Interested in learning more about how SwiftLink can benefit your business? Contact our team today. We can create a demo account to showcase the possibilities and give you a real insight into how SwiftLink can revolutionise your marketing strategy.

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